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Little Mermaid Costume

Little Mermaid Costume

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Made to order mermaid pants and gauntlet style gloves. Both pieces are made out of a 4 way stretch mesh and a 4 way stretch glittery mystique spandex. The mesh is the base fabric for the pants and used to create the fins and the mystique spandex is the hot pants that are lined inside of the pants and the base fabric for the gloves.

Β Pants and gloves are meticulously bedazzled with pearls and rhinestone to create the illusion of barnacles and glittery scales.

Measurements for this set:


  • Waist (above or below belly button your choice for the rise of the pant)
  • Crotch depth (center crotch straight up to waist line whether it be above or below the belly button)
  • Hips (widest part over butt
  • leg inseam (inside at crotch straight down please consider shoes you will be wearing)


  • Wrist
  • Mid Forearm
  • Mid Bicep
  • Length, wrist up arm to length you want them to be

For an additional fee please reach out to add the bra top!

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