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Euphoria Dolly Costume Set

Euphoria Dolly Costume Set

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Made to order Dolly set from Euphoria designed by Seth Pratt. This is a costume/INSPIRED by Seth Prattโ€™s work.

This set includes gingham crop top, dress, and corset bra top.

Dress: 100% cotton, retro sleeveless dress with tied bust and zip up back. Measurements: please include your dress size.

Gingham Top: 100% cotton. Measurements: please include your shirt size.

Corset Bra Top: Cotton, boning, and synthetic lace with barb wire ribbon ties. Please include your bra size ex 32 B.



Hi Waist


Bra Size

Desired Hem: measurement of shoulder to where youโ€™d like dress hem to end above knee.

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