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Costume and Design Commission Consultation

Costume and Design Commission Consultation

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Made to order costume commission - price may vary!

*50$ pays for your design consultation and if you choose to bring your piece to life with me the $50 will be applied as a credit to the design. If you decide to not go ahead with the design, there is no refund as my time and leg work cannot be refunded!*

Please leave your phone number and email in the contact info when you checkout so that we can reach out to schedule. 

Start you costume commission here with me! I am happy to answer all of your questions and plan your project. In this design consult we will discuss the project in depth to customer satisfaction of the design. Most design consultations are done by phone call or FaceTime, email is acceptable but more difficult to make a connection in my opinion.

If the design is not going to be achievable I will offer solutions, present new ideas, or we will part ways amicably!

Things to bring to the table for your consultation (not required but important to help me help you):

1. Mood board: think color, patterns, textures, silhouettes. Images that inspire you or images that show elements that you want duplicated in your design.

2. A budget range: this is not to upsell you a costume it is so that I can determine what we can afford materials wise. Materials are typically the greatest cost of the project and depending on our budget, this will eliminate or open us up to more material options.

3. A due date

4. If you are local to Dallas, TX you are welcome to come by in person!

After the design consultation you will receive a project bid in which you can accept or decline. For costumes, I do accept payment plans if you cannot pay in full. Always happy to work with you!

Please view my instagram @dollysdlite or my website to check out my portfolio, recent work, and made to order patterns.

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